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Sustainability regulations for banks and their impact on IT

Sustainability is a concept based on providing for the current needs of our society while not exhausting resources for the next generations. It aims to balance economic development and environmental preservation. The leaders of the EU view sustainability as a strategic goal, that will form a competitive advantage for the European economy. One of the main focuses of the EU in this context is the reduction of greenhouse gases by moving the European economy to activities that are not based on fossil fuels to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. Banks, with their economic role of capital allocation, represent a key lever in achieving sustainability goals. A recent study estimated the volume to be allocated for the transition to a sustainable economy for Germany alone to 6 billion Euro until 2045.

IT Audits in banks

Banks in particular are faced with the challenge of transforming their IT while advancing digitalisation. The round-the-clock innovation of IT support in accounting, including the renewal of the main and subsidiary bookkeeping architecture, is a key building block. Some of the objectives are the increase in the degree of automation in the bookkeeping system, the accuracy improvement in the calculation methods and to increase the speed of final statements. This paper examines the specific challenges faced by the auditor, who is being drawn into this situation, to ensure that the new system fully complies with legal requirements

Banking Bifurcation

In the white-paper “Banking Bifurcation”, Dr. Christian Horstmann of changeforce and Malte Klassen of Galileo Group AG paint an image of a banking industry that stands at a crossroads. Gain an overview of the drivers of the change process, the most likely future scenarios and the possibilities of a strategic response.

IT Strategy for Post Merger Integration

How can the IT of two separate companies be brought together with the least effort and the highest possible synergies following a merger? Gain detailed insights into the various options and their advantages and disadvantages in the fictitious example of the merger of two retail banks. The article “New possibilities for best-of-breed approaches in the merger of retail banks?” was published in the November 2012 edition of Banking and Information Technology.